Conference Venue

National Taiwan University as a Conference Venue

The main 1,086,167m2 campus of National Taiwan University is located in the Da’an District in the heart of Taipei City, and is easily accessible by public transportation.

The campus offers a beautiful green space in the center of the city, as well as a wide range of leisure facilities.

The campus is fully equipped with free WiFi access.

The University is fully supportive of the conference as is able to provide necessary logistical support.

The College of Social Sciences at NTU as a Conference Venue

The facility offers two large meeting rooms with capacity for 300 and 150 people respectively, as well as 2 smaller meeting rooms with capacity for 50 and 20 people respectively, and 7 discussion rooms, each seating 27 people.

In addition, 31 classrooms with capacity ranging from 35 to 180 people are also available for use.

The adjacent College of Law building provides additional capacity if required.