Looking forward

The World International Studies Committee (WISC) currently has twenty-eight member organizations from more than twenty countries, covering Europe, the Americas, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. WISC brings together experts and scholars from different regions for discussion and research on international relations issues. In 2014, TAIR formally became a member of the WISC, giving us the opportunity to actively participate in international scholarly exchange.

WISC currently organizes a global international studies conference every three years. This event has been organized a total of four times starting in 2005, with Istanbul (Turkey), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Porto (Portugal), and Frankfurt (Germany) serving as host cities. Past WISC conferences have included between 250-300 panels with over 700 paper presenters.

Following the invitation of WISC Executive Secretary Prof. Gunther Hellmann and with the full support of Chair of the National Taiwan University Department of Political Science Professor Philip S. Hsu, TAIR applied to host the 2017 WISC Global International Studies Conference. This application was approved by an internal working meeting of WISC in February 2015. Subsequently Prof. Gunther Hellmann visited Taiwan to discuss detailed arrangements for hosting the 2014 Conference with TAIR and the Department of Political Science, and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the three parties, confirming that TAIR had won the right to host this global academic conference.

The 2017 Global International Studies Conference is currently scheduled for April 2017, and will be the first time that WISC has held their conference outside Europe, as well as the first time that TAIR has hosted a global international studies conference. The hosting of the conference will allow international relations scholars to increase their understanding of Taiwan and the wider region, and help international relations researchers in Taiwan strengthen contacts with global international studies research groups.

The conference will be held in the new College of Social Sciences building at National Taiwan University. The College of Social Science building will provide use of classrooms and seminar rooms to host around 200 panels, while other university facilities will also be available for keynote lectures and roundtable discussions.

In recent years, Taiwan has faced the impact of the changing international situation and new regional realities. TAIR president Professor Philip Yang hopes to use the hosting of the 2017 WISC Global International Studies Conference in Taiwan can increase awareness of Taiwan’s position and strengthen exchanges between Taiwan and the international academic community.

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