Starting in 2014, TAIR has so far organized a total of eleven forums. On average, forums are held about once  month, with the discussion topics shown below. For each forum, between two and three experts with rofessional knowledge of the subject and the ability to provide incisive analysis are invited to explore topics from different perspectives and respond to audience questions, with the aim of increasing awareness of international affairs and expanding international outlook.


No. Date Theme
1 February 26 TPP and Taiwan-U.S. Relations
2 March 11 The Situation in Ukraine and Russia-U.S. Relations
3 April 24 Obama’s Asia Trip and Taiwan-U.S. Relations
4 May 23 China-Russia Cooperation and New Land and Sea Confrontation? Putin’s Visit to China and Chinese-Russian Military Exercises in the East China Sea
5 June 23 The Impact of U.S.-South Korea and U.S.-China FTA Agreements on Taiwan
6 July 5 End of the Ban on Japan’s Collective Self Defense and East Asia Security
7 August 25 The Situation in the South China Sea and Taiwan’s South China Sea Policy
8 September 20 Interpreting the Influence of the Independence Referendum in Scotland
9 December 15, Abe Economics after the Election in Japan and the Operation of Japan’s Cabinet System
10 (2015)March 13 Lianghui, East Asia, and Cross-Strait relations: Lianghui and China’s East Asia Strategy and Cross-Strait Relations
11 March 18 The One Belt Road Initiative, the Political and Economic Effects of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and Taiwan’s Response Strategy