Taiwan Association of International Relations (TAIR)

TAIR was formally established in September 2007.

It has quickly developed into the leading organization for the study of international relations in Taiwan, with over 400 faculty and student members across more than 30 universities and more than 40 academic departments.

TAIR Leadership

TAIR’s leadership team includes many influential foreign policy figures in Taiwan.

Current president Philip Yang has served as minister of the Government Information Office and deputy secretary-general of the National Security Council, R.O.C.

TAIR president Philip Yang

Board members including Chang King-yuh,  PaoTsung-ho, Lin Bih-Jaw, and Chen I-hsin have served in senior ministerial positions, senior academic positions, and as elected officials.


The purpose of the Association is to promote research on international relations. The Association is a non-profit organization.


  1. Promote international relations teaching, research, and exchange.
  2. Organize lectures, academic research, and other related academic activities.
  3. Collect and exchange both domestic and foreign research data.
  4. Accept research commissions from public and private bodies and provide consultation services.
  5. Publish the Association’s own journal and other relevant publications, books, and periodicals.
  6. Handle academic contacts and exchanges with domestic and foreign academic institutions and groups.
  7. Promote awareness and interest in international affairs and international security among citizens of Taiwan.