International relations as a discipline emerged in the twentieth century. With globalization and the development of international studies, the importance of international relations as a discipline has increased in recent years. In particular, in the East Asia region, regional integration and economic development have produced increased interest the study of international relations. Numerous universities have established institutes or departments for the study of international relations in order to strengthen research and professional development in the field.

Looking at Taiwan’s industrial structure and international ties, the island should be relatively internationalized society. Indeed, Taiwan’s development is dependent on grasping international opportunities. However, while Taiwan continues to develop its democracy and local characteristics, it has not paid the same level of attention to international developments in the era of globalization, meaning that Taiwan has been unable to effectively integrate with international society or the East Asia region.

In view of this, we have established the Taiwan Association of International Relations as an academic platform, creating a bridge between domestic and international relations scholars and departments and providing a link with relevant international associations and conferences to promote the development of international relations as an academic discipline. At the same time, TAIR will act as an organizer for research and discussion forums, and provide an integrated mechanism for teaching and research. We are confident that the founding of TAIR will benefit the sustainability and innovation of international relations studies in Taiwan, aiding the development of outstanding international relations scholars and a professional research environment.

The purpose of the Association is to promote research on international relations, bringing together domestic and foreign scholars interested in international relations, students with a passion for research in the field, and individuals who have made a contribution to the study of international relations, promoting the development of the discipline and new innovations, and providing a platform for academic research and policy analysis. It is also hoped that as Taiwan faces the conflict between globalization and localization, the Association can make a contribution to strengthening Taiwan’s integration with international society, as well as its international competitiveness.

Following a preparatory meeting in June 2007, on July 26, 2007, the Ministry of the Interior approved the establishment of the Association, which was formally launched on September 8, 2007.